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As the site owner, I want every Deductive Parenting reader to feel free to share his or her thoughts and to be treated respectfully.  I do not want to lay down tons of rules and I hope never to have to remove a comment from the site.  However, since every site is different and the nature of the discussion varies, I will suggest a few guidelines:

  1. First and foremost, please express your opinions in a way that is considerate of others.  Refrain from attacking other posters (although, of course, referencing other posts is welcome) and recognize that there is no one right answer to the issues discussed on this site.  Try to look at a topic from all angles before making suggestions or offering critiques.  
  2. Avoid excessively long personal anecdotes.  Reference to your experiences are a great way to illustrate points, but comments should primarily contribute to discussion of the issue at hand.  
  3. Self-promotion is okay, as long as it is relevant.  Feel free to link to a post in your blog or another site that adds to the dialogue.  Unrelated advertisements and other violations will be removed.  Also, note that self-promotion of any kind is often frowned upon on other sites.
  4. If you disagree with me or think something I have stated is inaccurate, feel free to post a (polite) comment about it, but also think about sending me an e-mail ( so I can consider making a correction or update.  
Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoy your experience on the site.  

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